Combating stubborn bra fat through strategic cooling technology

If you are a woman, you might see excess fat around your upper back, or underneath your bra. This can make your shirts fit awkwardly and may have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem. You do not have to live with stubborn bra fat forever, however. Our team of certified CoolSculpting Elite experts at NovaSculpting is here to safely and effectively remove bra fat–no surgery or downtime required!

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Founded in 2014, NovaSculpting is a unique and vibrant body contouring practice that focuses exclusively on the art of CoolSculpting. As such, our dedicated, certified providers deliver outstanding results with the highest levels of artistry, precision, and attention to detail. We are the largest CoolSculpting practice in the Mid-Atlantic region and are ranked as the #1 CoolSculpting Elite studio for men in the United States. With over 10,000 successful procedures performed, NovaSculpting is known for elevating patient quality of life and boosting self-confidence. Failing to lose stubborn fat, especially when following a strict diet and exercise regimen, can be incredibly frustrating. Using multiple CoolSculpting Elite applicators to perform DualSculpting, Tri-Sculpting, and even Quad-Sculpting, we can help you to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted physique with minimal discomfort or downtime at our world-class clinic in Arlington, VA.

What causes bra fat?

Factors such as genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, diet and exercise habits, hormonal shifts, and the natural aging process can all contribute to the emergence of bra fat in the upper torso. Regardless of the root causes of bra fat, our team of certified CoolSculpting Elite experts is here to help remove pesky, unwanted pockets of stubborn fat so you can feel comfortable and confident wearing any clothing style you choose.

What are the best treatment options?

Weight loss and a rigorous exercise program can often help to refine your physique and improve muscle tone. However, many patients already are within several pounds of their goal weight and live a healthy lifestyle but are still plagued by excess fat that spills over the bra, distorting the chest appearance.

In these cases, CoolSculpting Elite can be an invaluable tool on your journey toward a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. The innovative cooling technology draws fat cells to the skin’s surface and then uses freezing temperatures to destroy them while leaving the surrounding healthy skin cells intact. Over time, the targeted fat cells are flushed from the body as natural waste.

CoolSculpting Elite results for bra fat

After a 30-60 minute CoolSculpting Elite session in NovaSculpting’s luxurious Arlington, VA, studio, your body will naturally go to work. It will continue to destroy and absorb the fat cells frozen throughout the cryolipolysis procedure. You will begin to see results in as little as three weeks. However, your full outcome typically becomes evident after three months. If you have a lot of excess bra fat to get rid of, more than one session may be required.

Is there any downtime with CoolSculpting Elite?

Although you may experience slight redness or tenderness for a few days after your CoolSculpting Elite procedure, there is no downtime necessary, and you can immediately resume your normal activities. The process itself is non-invasive and is considered by most to be painless. CoolSculpting Elite sessions are performed by NovaSculpting’s team of certified experts, so you can take comfort in knowing you are in good hands. We focus exclusively on the art of CoolSculpting and take our craft very seriously to ensure that you achieve the results you want.

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Shed bra fat for good with our best-in-class body contouring solution

Do you have more questions about CoolSculpting Elite for bra fat? Contact your local NovaSculpting office in Arlington, VA, by phone, or fill out the consultation request form on this page. One of our CoolSculpting Elite experts will gladly answer your questions and walk you through what to expect from your session. We are among the leading CoolSculpting Elite providers in the nation and the #1 CoolSculpting Elite studio for men in the United States.

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