The CoolSculpting® experts have come to San Francisco with the best in body sculpting services. 

Specializing in CoolSculpting®, NovaSculpting® has brought years of experience and body contouring artistry to the San Francisco area. 

Who is NovaSculpting®?

Since 2014, NovaSculpting® has ranked among the largest certified practices in the nation by Allergan, manufacturer of CoolSculpting®. Unlike most providers who provide CoolSculpting® along with a wide variety of other sources, NovaSculpting® specializes entirely in CoolSculpting®. This specialization means they can provide consistently better results than other providers. 

The NovaSculpting® team includes a staff of body contouring specialists with extensive Allergan-approved training. Clients in their Arlington, Virginia studio often comment on their professionalism and knowledge of CoolSculpting®. The new San Francisco facility features equally well-trained and experienced CoolSculpting® specialists. 

NovaSculpting® facilities are modern, elegant, and hygienic. They use only the most advanced Allergan models, including CoolSculpting® Elite. They also utilize two systems at once to target twice as many areas during each session. As a top Allergan provider, they provide an exceptional level of patient satisfaction. 


We’d love to help you get all the information you need in order to make the best choice for your eyes. Request a consultation today! Our staff is available and happy to answer your every question.


What Services Does NovaSculpting® Offer in San Francisco?

While some providers offer dozens of procedures, NovaSculpting® has focused all their expertise and training on just two. Their complete focus on CoolSculpting® allows them to excel as one of the top CoolSculpting® providers in the nation. As with anything else, choosing a specialist can help ensure you get the results you expected, and sometimes even better than you hoped. 

The NovaSculpting® specialists also offer a level of artistry unmatched by less specialized providers. They determine where to place the CoolSculpting® applicators with a trained eye to achieve the shape each person wants. They assess each individual to decide how they can achieve their best results. They provide a true body contouring experience, slimming and smoothing areas including:

  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Double chin
  • Back and bra fat
  • Under the buttocks

These areas are often the most difficult areas for toning and removing fat. CoolSculpting® make ideal treatments for those close to their target weight who want to see more contouring and definition. 

What is CoolSculpting®?

Even with diet and exercise, many people still have areas of stubborn fat that remain. CoolSculpting® helps remove that fat using technology called cryolipolysis. At NovaSculpting®, the NEW CoolSculpting® Elite eliminates 18% more fat than older technologies in the treated area. 

CoolSculpting® Elite features dual c-shaped panels with 18% more tissue coverage to better eliminate stubborn fat. Staff at the NovaSculpting® San Francisco studio can use up to two applicators to provide you with shorter treatment time over large areas of the body. 

CoolSculpting® freezes fat cells and permanently eliminates them without harming the skin. The body then removes the fat cells, leaving the area more contoured and slimmer. CoolSculpting® has no downtime, and people can go back to their regular activities after their treatment. Most people can have this treatment, although people with certain types of cold sensitivity should not. 

Most people will have a series of CoolSculpting® treatments. The results that follow will last as long as the individual maintains consistent body weight. A CoolSculpting® specialist will evaluate each person and determine how many treatments they may need to get their desired results. Because fat cells do not return, results in the treated area are permanent. 

Why Choose NovaSculpting® in San Francisco?

As the CoolSculpting® specialists of the Arlington, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas, NovaSculpting® has brought its highly specialized services to San Francisco. Clients choose NovaSculpting® for any of these reasons:

  • Multiple CoolSculpting® Elite systems for larger treatment areas
  • AllerganⓇ, manufacturer of CoolScultingⓇcertification and training
  • Specialist staff with extensive experience and over 10,000 treatments performed
  • State-of-the-art facilities for a comfortable, safe experience
  • Thousands of before-and-after photos
  • Consistently excellent client reviews

The most important reason to choose NovaSculpting® is their specialization. Few other facilities offer only CoolSculpting®, allowing their specialists to focus all their learning and experience on perfecting these two treatments. When people need medical treatment, they usually turn to a specialist instead of a general doctor. For people interested in CoolSculpting®, choosing NovaSculpting® means choosing a specialized and highly trained provider.  
Is CoolSculpting® right for you?  Contact NovaSculptingⓇ to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more. Our current clients give us overwhelmingly glowing reviews, praising our professionalism, our facility, and our superior results. People can find out why so many clients love their CoolSculpting® results with the before-and-after gallery and decide if they think CoolSculpting® might be a good choice.

Great staff, excellent service, very clean and Covid aware, professional in all aspects. THANK YOU.JOPIE B. DISCOVER MORE REVIEWS

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