Sagging glutes may be one of the most common concerns, especially for those already getting older as the days pass by. As we get older or go through certain events in our lives, our bodies inevitably experience change, too. Unfortunately, this particular change is usually negative and leads to people trying to find a remedy. In terms of saggy glutes, this condition can affect anyone, more commonly occurring in women. A woman’s body has the nature of storing more fat, especially around the buttocks and hips areas, compared to men who usually don’t. Today, we’ll learn how to get rid of sagging glutes and have firm and good-looking buttocks.

What are Glutes?

Glutes refer to our behinds, our buttocks, or “butt.” The term came from a wordplay of “gluteus maximus,” which is the medical term for our great behinds. Everybody who is anybody would surely want firm glute muscles! Right?

The majority can obtain firmer glute muscles by exercising like doing regular squats. Also, people naturally firm up their glutes through weight loss and toning. However, if you already have sagging glutes or cannot seem to lose those last bits of fat, it can genuinely be highly frustrating in dealing with this unfortunate circumstance. This same reason is especially true for those who want bodies to have specific shapes or contours. Fortunately, nowadays, many reputable clinics and medspas can already assist you with these concerns.

Sagging Glutes: Causes

Sagging glutes can result from a wide variety of factors. These factors are generally linked to our gluteal muscles or the large muscles found in our buttocks. These gluteal muscles are strong, adding to the appearance of firmness and tautness of our buttocks. Sagging glutes commonly occur because of:

  • AGEING: Naturally, the gluteal muscles lose some strength and tone over time. It means that our buttocks begin losing their firmness and intact appearance they previously had as we start to age.
  • POOR DIET AND LACK OF EXERCISE: Lifestyles that seek little to no exercise at all partnered with poor diet choices only add to sagging glutes. Exercise can significantly tone up the gluteal muscles and burn calories simultaneously. Lacking these factors contributes to the build-up of excess fat cells between the skin and the gluteal muscles. This combination can lead to skin stretching or that look of excess skin, making our buttocks appear like they’re sagging.
  • SITTING STILL FOR PROLONGED PERIODS: Some jobs involving sitting are still quite common and unavoidable. Unfortunately, these jobs keep you to be in a sitting position, making sagging glutes worse. This circumstance causes excess fat cells to start building up around the buttocks, causing them to sag eventually. 
  • DRASTIC WEIGHT LOSS: Losing a tremendous amount of weight can also add to sagging glutes. Excess fat cells can cause our skin to stretch. When we drastically lose weight, the skin should return to before. But with age, our skin loses its elastic capabilities. Instead, it does not go back to its previous appearance, giving that excessive skin appearance that adds to sagging glutes.

Sagging glutes can make most women lose their confidence and self-esteem. Saggy buttocks aren’t something women have to deal with, though. You can do different steps to prevent perhaps having those unwanted saggy buttocks. However, when this condition is already evident, options like surgery and non-surgical alternatives are available for you to consider. If sagging glutes are something that causes concern to you, then continue and finish reading this article to learn all you need to know about this undesirable condition.


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Diet and Lifestyle: Are These Linked to Sagging Glutes?

Given that sagging glutes have significant associations with having weak gluteal muscles, We can easily observe a clear link between lifestyle and sagging buttocks given this situation. Of course, factors like aging and some genetic factors also play parts; however, we can do specific actions in strengthening and toning our gluteal muscles, at least delaying the occurrence of sagging glutes. When we talk about diet, this factor alone cannot directly address any issues but can still affect the overall outcome. Avoiding processed foods, taking in added sugars, and eating excessive calories are given factors that contribute to the otherwise results we want to achieve. Exercises recommended by the NHS include:

  • Bridges
  • Squats
  • Side-lying leg raises
  • Lunges
  • A series of one leg kickback

These easy-to-do exercises work as these activities target the gluteal muscles. They also help strengthen and tone muscles in our lower back and upper legs.

Sagging Glutes: Surgical Options

Nowadays, it is already quite common for women to explore options on having surgery for sagging glutes. Popularly known as a buttock lift, this cosmetic surgery involves general anesthetics, taking around one (1) and two (2) hours of completion. Women choose to undergo saggy buttock surgery because the results experienced after that can be pretty outstanding. A buttock lift can change issues that knock people’s confidence down and stop them from wearing particular clothing, especially swimwear. 

The typical outcome of saggy buttock surgery may include:

  • Shapelier and firmer-looking glutes 
  • Lifted and reshaped buttocks
  • Reduced volume of the buttocks
  • Excess fat and skin removal
  • Repositioned skin that adds tone and contouring

Consultations with specialists can help you find out and better understand what a buttock lift could do for your concerns. Surgeons can assess your needs, ensuring the surgery would be the right course of action in meeting your expectations.

Sagging Glutes: Non-Surgical Options

For people who are still uncertain and feel they are not ready yet for saggy buttock surgery, a couple of non-surgical options are available for them to consider. These options both involve injections around the buttocks, providing long-lasting results. These options to look out for are the following:

  • FILLERS: Dermal fillers are injectable solutions that do not involve surgery. They have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found inside our bodies, that help achieve our no-sagging glutes goal. Fillers can also help fill out hollows, giving our buttocks a smoother and more toned appearance.
  • SCULPTRA: It is an injection that aids in stimulating collagen production. This option is a widely-known facial treatment but can also be beneficial in correcting the appearance of our buttocks. Collagen production can lead to our buttocks having a more contoured appearance together with added volume.

CoolTone as a Remedy

One phenomenal remedy for sagging glutes is the cosmetic revolution called CoolTone. It is an FDA-approved procedure that prioritizes body sculpting through muscle toning, instead of focusing on fat loss only. This procedure serves as muscle strengthening and defining directly beneath the skin, perfect for targeting sagging glutes and other body parts including the abs and thighs.

CoolTone is considered as a premier body contouring treatment done using the MMS technology, or Magnetic Muscle Stimulation. This energy helps achieve results for any related concern, especially sagging glutes. The procedure starts by penetrating the device through skin and fat layers, which then forces fibers of muscle to contract. CoolTone subsequently strengthens those muscle fibers. Aside from its strong fiber-making attributes, it also promises to improve aesthetic attributes – a win-win situation indeed.


  • Non-invasive – no needles, incisions, and other risky elements
  • Supports muscle strength 
  • Improves appearance and overall confidence
  • Completely proven safe with minimal side effects
  • Can be a standalone procedure or for better results, be in conjunction with other treatments

Although gels will also be required, CoolTone is a procedure that can be completed using only a single applicator. You won’t also need to worry about your muscles getting harmed during this procedure because of the stimulating energies used to achieve only the best result. Check out CoolTone and it might just be the procedure that would work best for your sagging glutes.

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Takeaways on Getting Rid of Sagging Glutes

Sagging glutes are not the end of the world for those who have them, especially women. Specific surgical and non-surgical options are available for the convenience of those who wish to get rid of this insecurity once and for all. Get rid of those sagging glutes with all the helpful options presented for you today.

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